Tzioumakis Food Products and Services has been activate since 1990. However the cummilative experience starts off from the beginning of '60s with the production of the Greek chesses Kefalotiri, Kaseri and Manouri. Cheese production has been done with the use of traditional maturation methods at an altitude of 1200m in the village Vlasti in Kozani.

It was there that the granfathers of the present owners where making cheese at farms that had a large quantity of milk production. Very primitive methods where used back then in hand made cheese production "units" called Bazaria. The walls of the Bazario where made with the use of Beeches tree branches and trunks. The milk was boiled in 500lt metalic pots that where heated with the use of Cedar wood and bushes (Pournaria) to light up the fire and Beech or Oak wook for the boiling. The products where exclusively sent to Athens at that time with wagons that travelled only at night to avoid the heat of the day. Additionally in order to keep the products even cooler a layer of Fern leaves was layed beneath and above.

During the 60s the cheese making process took place in Mousafakli (Kokina Velestinou) with the same products and with the same traditional methods but in very modern facilities for the periodal.

Cheese production is finaly discontinued in 1975 at the village of Dimini of the Aisonia municipality in Volos with very modern processes and methods of production.

Since then, the vast knowledge of milk products and cheese prompted the marketing and selling of selected cheeses from the all region of Thessaly, Macedonia as well as cheeses from other parts of Greece. Thus from 1975 until 1998 the company G. Tzioumaki Bros leaves its mark in the market of Volos and the wider region of the prefecture of Magnesia evolving into a leader company of theregion.

With the split of company in 1998 the current owner Apostolos Tzioumakis and his three sons evolved the company in its current form. Tzioumakis Food Products & Services henceforth deals with the representation of dairy and frozen meat Greek companies in the area of Volos such as Dodoni, Agno, Creta Farm and Ifantis, as well as with imports of not only cheeses of but also animal food products from countries of the European Union.

The range of products has been increased a lot resulting ia a the company that is considered a leader in the food services for businesses as well as dog and cat food in the prefecture of Magnesia. 




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